February 3, 2024

Help Us Enhance Safety at Lubasi Home Support Our Fish Pond Security Fence Project

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The Necessity of a Fence

Lubasi Home, your trusted community project, has always been a nurturing ground for orphans and vulnerable children. Our fish pond serves as a source of income and serene spot for learning and reflection, and we’re embarking on a project to build a security fence to ensure the safety of our children and to protect our aquatic friends.

A fence is necessary around the fish pond due to its proximity to the children’s playground.

The Impact

  • Prevent accidents by creating a safe play environment for children.
  • Protect the fish population from unauthorized access.
  • Educate our children about safety and the environment.

Our Project Blueprint

  1. Phase 1: Planning – a solid week of designing a durable and visible barrier.
  2. Phase 2: Procurement – three days to gather all necessary materials.
  3. Phase 3: Construction – two dedicated weeks to bring our safety vision to life.

Be Part of Our Journey

To realize this vision, we’re turning to you, our extended family. The total budget for this vital safety feature stands at K50,000, roughly equivalent to $2,000 USD. Your contribution will go toward materials like poles, wire fence, river sand, and more, including the skilled labor to install the fence.

How to Support us and Donate:

📞 Call us at +260 979723725 or +260 976767514

📧 Email us at lubasihome@gmail.com

Thank you for your continuous support. Together, we can build a safer, more educational environment for our children.

Warm regards,

The Lubasi Home Team



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