Help orphans and vulnerable children be in families 

and give hope

Help us create a society where all orphaned, vulnerable, and abandoned children get a chance to grow up in loving, healthy families 

why support us?

We've helped 1000+ children be able to grow and thrive

Our Vision

To be a source of hope and inspiration to the needy children in the society and be a model for best practices in protecting orphans and vulnerable children.

Our Mission

To give hope to the abandoned and vulnerable children by ensuring that they are placed in safe and loving families. 

What we do

Children should be families and kinship care, not orphanages. That's why we're committed to tracing, reuniting, and strengthening families.

about us

How we care for children

Lubasi Home Home is a faith-based organization that supports vulnerable, abandoned, neglected, and orphaned children and reintegrate them back into loving families mainly through alternative family care like foster care and adoption because every child deserves to be loved, safe, and have dignity.

Today, we're supporting 42 children currently under our care in our home. Our goal is to help these children still in our home and others be safe and loving families through kinship care, family reunification, foster care, and adoption. 

Lubasi Home Home was started in 2003, born from a vision to not only provide education and skills training, but also holistic care for vulnerable children. Most of the children we care for now have been abandoned, orphaned, HIV/Aids affected or infected, or are homeless and living on the street.

Throughout our 20+ years of operation, we've provided more than 1000 children with care, protection, immunization, medication, clean water/sanitation, legal support, tracing their families, and resettlement into kinship care or facilitation of foster parents and adoption into safe and loving families.


Changing the way we care  

Children should be families and kinship care, not orphanages. Children have the best chance to thrive when they grow up in a family. 

That's why we're committed to strengthening families, and we shifting towards a family-based care model.


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