June 27, 2023

Prince and Family get strengthened with support from Lubasi

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Prince Chanda, a 15-year-old doing his Grade 5 at a government school, has finally been moved out of the streets where he has been selling merchandise instead of being in school.

The beginning of Prince’s story

Prince has been living with his mother in a small hut, sharing the bed with his mother and three younger siblings. His elder sister, who has a baby, occupies a one-roomed house. The family has been struggling to get food. As a result, the boy was asked to be on the streets to supplement the mother’s effort. The Livingstone Social Welfare identified the Child in November 2019 in the streets of Livingstone, and he was recommended for admission at Lubasi home for temporary care.

Challenges Prince Faced

This affected the child’s performance in school, putting him in danger of abuse on the streets and death. In addition, this has affected the child psychologically, physically, and emotionally as he lacks social interaction to pass through typical stages of growth.

How Lubasi Home Helped Make an Impact

According to Zambian law, a child below 18 is not allowed to be engaged in such activities, which can be defined as child labor. Through the Department of Social Welfare, Prince was picked from the streets of Livingstone selling merchandise. Lubasi Home has played a significant role in the child’s life by admitting him to Lubasi Home in 2019. The boy was supported with shelter, food, clothing, and Education. The boy has been in the care of Lubasi Home for four years while he was going through counseling and constructing a two-roomed modern house for him. A house was also built for the child for convenience and studying well.  The mother was empowered to boost her business to provide for the family. This made the family stabilized. The mother’s business has been expanded and doing well.

The difference donors made

The mother has been supported with the financial capacity to care for Prince and other dependents. Thanks to generous donations, we were able to help Prince and his family reunite and keep the family together, along with resources to support self-sufficiency.

Lubasi Home, through the social worker in collaboration with the Zambia Association of Sisterhood (ZAS), will continue monitoring and give post-support to ensure that the child is developing. The child is now happy and with his family through our based care approach. Lubasi Home will continue making quarterly follow-up visits to Prince’s house. The child expresses his joy to Lubasi’s home and partners. The Child Care Facility has also taken up the responsibility of sensitizing the community to Child labor and Child’s rights. The Child was reintegrated with his family in February 2023.

Help change the world of a child with a family.

Rather than placing vulnerable children in an orphanage, your gift can support children being in families.

When you give to Lubasi Home, you can change the world for a child.

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